How to Properly Store Your Kayak for the Winter

We have to admit it, winter is here and you have to start considering winter storage of your kayak. The longer you have been in this sport, the more kayaks you have to store. This post a storage problem and in Kamloops, your best option is Los Rios Storage. We store your kayak making sure that it’s available for use when the next kayaking season happens.

Use Padded Support

Although kayaks are durable, it can still deform when stored against its own weight for a long time. To prevent deformation, you have to use padded support. You have to do this at multiple contact points to distribute the weight of your kayak preventing the occurrence of flat surfaces or deformities.

Another way to accomplish this is to hang your kayak from the ceiling of your garage. Use flat straps at both ends and at the middle so that weight is well distributed.

You can also use rack or shelf with foam kayak support at multiple points, gain to distribute the weight evenly.

As a last option, and perhaps the worst option that you can have is to store your kayak on the floor of your garage. If you must do this, position the kayak on its side and not on the flat of its back. Make sure it’s leaning against the wall, the fence or a railing deck. Provide something soft underneath the point where it’s making contact with the ground.

Protect the Kayak from Natural Elements

When the kayak is exposed to too much heat while in storage, it can droop. The UV rays from the sun can cause the kayak to fade and when it continues, it can even damage the plastic. On the other extreme, freezing temperatures can also cause the kayak to become brittle.

This being the case, make sure to store your kayak in a temperature controlled environment. If this means renting a storage facility, do it. You might end up spending some money while the winter is still going on, but this also means enjoying your kayak when it’s over.

If money is an issue, and renting a facility is not within your price range, just cover your kayak with a tarpaulin while resting in your garage. This will already prevent a lot of the elements from getting in contact with your toy. Make sure to inspect the status of you kayak while in storage so that when spring comes you’re sure you have it ready for another day at the sea or river.

These are some of the ways you can store your kayak in winter. Following these tips will ensure that you have a functional kayak comes spring. There is nothing more frustrating than to find a broken vessel when the time has come to use it. To avoid frustration, make sure to store your kayak properly for the winter. This will ensure that you don’t end up throwing away a toy that has been with you through various adventures.