Must Have Gear for a Kayaking Trip

It may seem like a kayaking is great adventure. But if you are new to this sport, you might find it overwhelming. There are many things that you need to put on your hands. It’s such a fast pace and a challenging water sport, that you even have to for a little bit of training before you get into the boat and head on to the water.


The best way to enjoy your kayaking adventure is to prepare. You need to get yourself ready. Know what and how to do the right paddling. Not to forget about wearing the right gear and equipment for your own safety and protection.

Preparing for Kayaking

When you finally decide to experience your first ever kayaking adventure, then you definitely need to know some of the best and effective preparation tips. Make sure that you have the complete set of things that you need when you’re out in the wild.

Unless you do the proper planning and preparation, you can never tell that you’ll have the best water adventure ever. The most important thing is to create a list of all the things that you need. Before you even pack and go, make sure that you got everything ready. Having a checklist will surely help you a lot.

And the most important thing about kayaking is to have the best and the right gear. Having the right equipment and gear will allow you to do the right paddling and enjoy your kayaking moments. When you have the right gear, you can also be sure of your own safety and protection. Especially if you go for extra like going down a slow river.

The Must Haves

Here are some of the gear must haves for kayaking that you need to put on your planning and preparation list.

The Right Paddle. Of course you need one, who doesn’t know that? But is it the right one? It might sound easy, but yes, choosing a paddle requires several considerations such as the size of the kayak, your own capability and experience and the one that you can hold and grip well.

life jacketHelmet. For some, wearing a helmet might not be necessary for them especially if they only go for calm and slow moving river. But it would make a lot of sense that you have to wear a helmet if you are for some adventure like the whitewater kayaking. Your head is almost your top priority.

Life Jacket. This is one of the top must haves. In any water sporting activity, wearing a life jacket is always a must. Even if you’re such a great swimmer, you can’t be confident when you’re in the waters, doing an extreme sport.

Hydration and Food. This is probably something that you won’t don’t want to forget. Kayaking under the heat of the sun, in a much longer period of time will eventually get your hungry and thirsty.

Proper Clothing. You certainly need to wear the right clothing when you go for kayaking. It can just be as simple as a comfortable swimwear. Something that wouldn’t hinder you in paddling and that can work well with water.