What is the Best Pair of Boots for a Weekend Kayaking Trip


Are you planning on a weekend kayaking trip? Aside from you first response tech, make sure that your feet are fully covered with the best New Balance tactical boots. A decent protection for your feet makes the difference between an enjoyable trip and one that can easily end in disaster. You want to take an adventure trip with the knowledge that your only vehicle—your feet—is fully protected from all potential harm. In this article, I will list down other pairs of shoes that will serve you well as you go kayaking this weekend.

Choosing the Right Footwear for Your Weekend Kayaking

What to wear when paddling all depends on the time of the year and the weather condition. It also depends on the paddler’s personal preference. In fact, if you’re going to reading blogs and forums, every person has something to say about the subject and everyone has a personal favorite. So I’m going to share with you what’s in the market and what’s my personal take on the subject.

Paddling on Warm Weather

For warm weather, most paddlers love the sandal type footwear because it’s light and airy. It’s also easy to put on and put off making it the most convenient footwear to have. When it gets wet, it also dries up quickly. While it seems to be an obvious choice, there is also an obvious downside to it. Its open design makes it easily accessible by small stones and sands which can irritate your foot. This instantly defeats the purpose of protection. But being the case, I still love the sandal because even when stones get inside it, it’s easy to take off and remove what’s lodge inside it.

A good compromise for this predicament is the “water shoes”. It is a combination of the sandal and the low hiker shoes. It allows air to come in but effectively prevents water and stones from getting in. Some have a fine mesh that allows air while others have some sort of drainage system that allows water to get out. For warm weather kayaking, this is my favorite footwear.

Paddling on Cold Weather

Cold water paddling is a whole new deal. For it, my personal favorite is the Neoprene booties. It comes in a variety of styles ranging from knee high style and ankle boot style, hard sole to soft sole to and in low slipper style. Like a wet suit, these booties captures a little amount of water which gets warmer while you use it. It serves as a layer of insulation which keeps your feet warm as you paddle. The soft sole booties are my favorite especially when I’m on a smaller kayak because it makes it easier to kneel down and paddle. If your activity involves walking over a lot of rocks, you would be better of if you choose the hard sole booties.

If budget is an issue, you can always settle with the good old tennis shoes. Although limited in features, this will protect your feet nevertheless. The most important thing is, your feet are protected.