How to Properly Store Your Kayak for the Winter

We have to admit it, winter is here and you have to start considering winter storage of your kayak. The longer you have been in this sport, the more kayaks you have to store. This post a storage problem and in Kamloops, your best option is Los Rios Storage. We store your kayak making sure that it’s available for use… More →

Reducing Back Pain Caused by Kayaking

Kayaking is surprisingly hard on the body, especially for those who aren’t used to it. Whether it’s back pain from paddling, sitting up straight for extended periods of time, your legs falling asleep, etc, the natural posture involved in kayaking can create obstacles for many involved in the pastime. There are many reasons why back pain may be present after… More →

Finding the right mouthguard

Did you know that all mouth guards were created equal? Mouth guards, regardless of size or type may have one and the same goal, which is to provide protection for the dental area from extreme contact. However, each mouth guard are particularly designed for different purposes, so it’s important to know what type of mouth guard is best for you.… More →

What You’ll Need if You Plan on Bow Fishing

If you plan on bow fishing, head first to some best bow reviews to get some valuable information. Doing your research will fill some gaps in your head about this activity. For instance, you might be having a hard time deciding on the best archery sight. Maybe you’re having a quandary as to what model of bow and arrow to… More →

Essential Tips for Snorkelling and Kayaking

Have you tried snorkeling and kayaking at the same time? Even with your snorkel and fins, it’s also nice to do it on a kayak. This can be a great adventure because it’s a bit challenging to do it without possibly capsizing the boat. If you have some vision problems, make sure that you wear the best prescription snorkel mask to… More →

Must Have Gear for a Kayaking Trip

It may seem like a kayaking is great adventure. But if you are new to this sport, you might find it overwhelming. There are many things that you need to put on your hands. It’s such a fast pace and a challenging water sport, that you even have to for a little bit of training before you get into the… More →

How to Carry your Kayak?

If you are a beginner in Kayaking and you just bought your very first complete kayaking gear and equipment and learned the basics, its start to paddle your way to mastery! However, you’ve probably heard something about kayaks being hard to carry and such and it’s true. Kayaks can be hard to lift and carry from place to place, especially… More →