About Us

Welcome to D Kayaking! Your one-stop shop for anything and everything kayaking and water sports. I love kayaking and you should love it too! If you don’t love it, then you should love at least one other kayaking! You must love it or else, you won’t love it, okay? Well, my name is Marc Hudson, an avid Kayak enthusiast. I also love writing and hence, this blog. I live here at Malibu, California with my wife and two daughter. We always spend our time together doing water sports to keep our bodies in shape and create family bond.

I created this website so that I can put my thoughts into words and words into an ever-present medium. The internet is a great place to gather information and it’s also a great way to share information. I studied computer science in college and I have developed dozens of software but I was attracted to Kayaking ever since, so instead of doing a tech blog, which is already an overcrowded niche, I decided to create a Kayak and water sports blog.

If you’re like me, a geek who loves sitting on a computer straight for nine hours to create something and wanted to unwind from time to time, then you might love my blog. Coding software for three days, resting for one day and going to the waters the next day makes me feel awesome.

But if you’re an individual interested in learning Kayak or any water sport, you’re also very welcome. My website will help you learn all watersport, well, at least every water sport that I knew.

So that’s about it and I hope you’ll enjoy!